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Calls to end probe come after botched NCAA investigation

Jim Milliman Jim Milliman
Julie Roe Lach Julie Roe Lach
Muhammad Lasege Muhammad Lasege
Clint Hutt Clint Hutt
Jake Morton (Source: WKU website) Jake Morton (Source: WKU website)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Two key athletic staffers for two Kentucky universities are facing violation allegations in the NCAA investigation into the University of Miami. But critics across the country are now calling for an end the probe.

The story took center stage on ESPN's Outside The Lines and by way of major newspapers now that the NCAA has admitted to its own unethical conduct during the Miami investigation. It could have a major impact on the former Miami staffers now employed by the University of Louisville and Western Kentucky University.

There are calls for the NCAA to drop its investigation at the University of Miami or start all over again. The reason? The NCAA fired its own director of enforcement, Julie Roe Lach, for bungling the investigation.

"Karma," said former Louisville attorney Jim Milliman.

Milliman tells WAVE 3 News what comes around goes around for Julie Roe Lach. He said her alleged serious ethical lapse for the NCAA doesn't surprise him.

"They (NCAA) would do anything, anything to declare somebody ineligible," said Milliman.

Milliman took on Lach in court several years ago defending the eligibility of former UofL basketball player Muhammad Lasege. Milliman said Lasege, who's now an executive at Exxon, was an average player, but highly intelligent young man who truly wanted an education.

"He's the kind of person they should have held up as a poster boy for the NCAA and here they were attacking him and Julie Roe Lach was the one leading the charge," Milliman complained.

Lach is now accused of approving payments for information to Nevin Shapiro's lawyer. Shapiro is the Miami booster serving 20 years in federal prison for running a Ponzi scheme.

Shapiro allegedly had financial and personal relationships with Miami players and coaches. UofL football assistant Clint Hurtt is accused of unethical conduct for allegedly providing misleading information during the probe. Hurtt is a former Miami staffer, as is Western Kentucky University director of basketball operations Jake Morton who is also accused in the investigation. They can only hope the outrage over the NCAA investigation positively impacts their case.

"Move on," Milliman said. "Forget Miami because you can't have an investigation against people where you can destroy people's lives whether it's the coaches or the students or the players by an investigation that's tainted by your own unethical conduct."

The self-imposed sanctions by the University of Miami were significant, including two bowl bans.

Both the University of Louisville and Western Kentucky University are not commenting on Hurtt and Morton saying the prior situations don't involve their schools.

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