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February 24, 2013


Former University of Kentucky and NBA Star Derek Anderson released his first book entitled "Stamina." This amazing book is about how his Inspiring Life Journey can mold and motivate us all.

At age eleven, Anderson lived alone in a rundown apartment with no electricity and no food for three straight days. At the age of twelve, he lived in a shelter home because the school system didn't know his real social security number. Then after having a child at the age of fourteen he had to work not one but two jobs to take care of his young son all while trying to survive in the middle of a drug infested project housing. He had to endure his sister being killed by their father's best friend while her new born child lay just feet away from her. Anderson also had to stand by helplessly as his mom would lose her fight with substance abuse and endure his father walking out of his life for more than 17 years.

Anderson's opponents in life consisted of poverty, loneliness, disappointment, jealously, and the lack of equal educational opportunities. Just as he learned in sports, life is about how bad you want to win, how much time you're willing to put into making your dreams become a reality, and how much you are willing to sacrifice now for your success later. He has won on every level of basketball but his biggest accomplishments are being a good father, a good person, and a great child of God.

Anderson named his book "Stamina" because everyone has come to a point in their lives where they want to give up or simply give in. He adds, "All you need to do is have enough Stamina to win in life. Don't ever let someone's opinion of you become your reality." He also wants to encourage others to say, "I am who I am because I choose to be more than what others said I would be."

Derek Anderson has a foundation that assists abused, battered women and children, as well as feeding and supplying underprivileged children who are without guidance.

To learn more about Derek and his foundation visit DerekAndersonWorks.com and DerekAndersonFoundation.com.


Lenny Lyles Sportsperson of the Year

The Lenny Lyles Sportsperson of the Year Award is named for Lenny Lyles who was a Louisville, KY native and star football player for U of L and the Baltimore Colts. Lyles never forgot where he came from and gave back to his community during his career and retirement. 

This annual award recognizes one male and female sportsperson who excelled in both sports and also gives back to the community. Individuals must be connected to sports in amateur or professional athletics in the Louisville Metro Area. Simply go to lennylylesaward.com to nominate someone for the award. The Deadline for nominations is Friday, March 15. The event is sponsored by Custom Quality Services.

The Lenny Lyles Awards Banquet will be Thursday, June 6 at Papa John's Brown & Williamson Club.


Dress in Blue Day

Kentucky Cancer Program

Dress in Blue Day

Friday, March 1

Kentucky Science Center, 10am-4pm

Walk through the Incredible Colon


Ticket Prices: 

$20(adult) - for Body Worlds Vital and permanent exhibits

$15(child) - same as above


$13(adult) - permanent exhibits only

$11(child) - same as above

Join the Kentucky Cancer Program, businesses and organizations across the state to increase colon cancer screening in Kentucky.  Learn more about the Targeted Colon Cancer Screening Program and order free materials from the KCP Colon Cancer Screening Resource Kit at kentuckycancerprogram.org.

Visit Facebook at www.tinyurl.com/KCPWest to enter the Dress in Blue contest and learn more about special events in March.


The Black National Anthem

Andrea Diggs, Choral Director and piano instructor at Olmsted Academy South discussed the origin of the Black National Anthem and their upcoming public performances.  The choir performed The Black National Anthem.

Olmsted Academy South Performances

Kentucky Music Educators Association Choir Festival

March 6 & 8

9 AM

Middletown Christian Church

500 N. Watterson Trail

Mall St. Matthews

March 6

11:45 AM

Celebrating Music in the Schools Month

Schools competing for $500 gift for their music programs

Vote at Facebook.com/MallStMatthews


Lyrics for the Black National Anthem: (The choir only sang the first verse, but here is the entire song)

Lift ev'ry voice and sing,

'Til earth and heaven ring,

Ring with the harmonies of Liberty;

Let our rejoicing rise

High as the list'ning skies,

Let it resound loud as the rolling sea.

Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us,

Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us;

Facing the rising sun of our new day begun,

Let us march on 'til victory is won.


Stony the road we trod,

Bitter the chastening rod,

Felt in the days when hope unborn had died;

Yet with a steady beat,

Have not our weary feet

Come to the place for which our fathers sighed?

We have come over a way that with tears has been watered,

We have come, treading our path through the blood of the slaughtered,

Out from the gloomy past,

'Til now we stand at last

Where the white gleam of our bright star is cast.


God of our weary years,

God of our silent tears,

Thou who has brought us thus far on the way;

Thou who has by Thy might

Led us into the light,

Keep us forever in the path, we pray.

Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met Thee,

Lest, our hearts drunk with the wine of the world, we forget Thee;

Shadowed beneath Thy hand,

May we forever stand,

True to our God,

True to our native land.


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