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WAVE 3 Editorial – February 21, 2013: Racial Tensions

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

The KFC Yum! Center sits where slaves were once sold. Interesting how the center of commerce changes from one generation to the next.

Just a few blocks up the road from the KFC Yum! Center at the Frazier History Museum, the current exhibit "Spirits of the Passage" gives us an opportunity to learn more about who we are as a people and reflect on how true growth and unity as a community can never come from enslavement.

There was not a large slave population in Kentucky and the prevailing thought was if you could get to Kentucky you could get to freedom. The Underground Railroad then has given way to an underground emotional tension now.

Racial divides still exist in our community. Some of it is overt, some covert. Easing that tension frees us to form relationships we might never have forged.

The scholarly Dr. Booker T. Washington once said, "We should not permit our grievances to overshadow our opportunities."

The best days of our community are ahead of us and will be realized more quickly if we can freely and civilly address issues that concern and wound us, and move forward.

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