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Local Reps. sponsor bill to ban speed cameras


A pair of local representatives have introduced a bill in the Ohio House that would ban speed cameras.

Rep. Ron Maag (R-Lebanon) and Rep. Dale Mallory (D-Cincinnati) have co-sponsored House Bill 69 that would, "prohibit the use of traffic law photo-monitoring devices by municipal corporations, counties, township, and the State Highway Patrol to detect traffic signal light a speed limit violations."

The proposal comes after the Village of Elmwood Place has been under fire for issuing tens of thousands of tickets after placing a speed camera last September.

Elmwood officials say the radar cameras generate more money for a struggling village.

"It does enhance our revenue. There's no doubt about that, but it also is making people follow the law now," said Jerald Robertson, Elmwood Place Village Councilman.

With news of the proposal to ban speed cameras, Robertson argued, "I question why state representatives would be wanting to do something to encourage people to break the law."

Opponents say if the cameras are about public safety, the job should be left for the officers. In addition, the village should not be balancing its budget based on drivers' speeding tickets.

"This is not a safety issue. This is a speed trap, and an example of 'big brother gone wild' in a budget crunch," argued Dale Mallory.

The Ohio House's Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee plans to discuss the proposed bill.

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