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Doctor accused of fondling patient appears in court

Dr. Ghias Arar Dr. Ghias Arar
Thomas Clay Thomas Clay
Todd Lewis Todd Lewis

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville doctor accused of in-office sex abuse was in court today. Dr. Ghias Arar agreed to not leave the United States until legal actions are finished. Arar is accused of fondling Tara Batrice during her visit at his office, East Louisville Neurology, before touching himself. 

Batrice's attorney, Thomas Clay, told WAVE 3 approximately nine more women have come forward with similar allegations against Arar. 

Attorneys F. Todd Lewis and Khalid Kahloon say their client, the neurologist Arar, is innocent. They say that the alleged victim, Batrice, was strategic about scheduling her first-time appointment Friday afternoon when the office was virtually empty. They claim that she has a history of drug-related offenses and is seeking financial gain.  

"It appears to be a well planned adventure," said attorney Khalid Kahloon. "A well-developed, planned scheme which is very disturbing to this doctor, his family, his career."  

Clay said his client went to University Hospital after the incident happened and there is DNA evidence to support her claim. Clay said the evidence was taken from Batrice's clothing.  

Batrice suffers from a bone disease and is on a walker, according to her lawyer. He claims she was a defenseless victim of sexual assault. 

"If he thinks that this is some kind of trumped up charge let him answer the allegation that she has DNA evidence to support this charge, that he ripped her brassiere off, that she has abrasions on her and she has bruises on her that were photographed by the police," said Clay. 

Clay said no civil suit has been filed yet but one may be filed in the future. Arar's lawyers say after their client is exonerated, they plan on bringing a counter-claim against Batrice for defamation.  

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