Budget cuts could impact education, military

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - WAVE Country could feel the pinch as the government tightens its belt all the way from our airports to our neighborhood schools.

When the measures kick in on March 1 the control tower at Bowman Field could be on the list of things to go.

No word has been released on how the cuts would impact Jefferson County Public Schools, but the Owensboro school district expects to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Across the Commonwealth, according to numbers from the White House, general education would lose more than $11 million, plus more than $7.5 million more for education of children with disabilities.

More than $2 million in environmental spending would be lost and $11,000 defense department employees would be furloughed.

Indiana is projected to drop the same number of defense jobs.

General education in Indiana would lose more than $13 million, more than $12 million in special needs education and more $3 million in cuts to environmental spending.

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