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Public hearing held for city's parking proposal


Cincinnati City Council held a public hearing on Monday to get public comment on the administration's city parking proposal.

Last Tuesday, City Manager Milton Dohoney, Jr. presented details of the proposed plan, including a public-private partnership option to overhaul the city's parking system.

The city would get $92 million up front and $3 million in payments each year.

In return, private companies like 'Port Authority' would operate the parking meters and garages, but not control the rates, hours or enforcement.

"The city is saying, basically, 'trust us' and the Port Authority is saying 'trust us'. If you like the way the streetcar's going, you're gonna love this deal," said Cincinnati mayoral candidate, John Cranley.

The City of Cincinnati tweeted that the $92 million up front sum would be used for projects like the MLK interchange, Smale Park, a high rise apartment building downtown with a grocery store, along with budget stabilization and reserves.

Those who argue for the plan say it will fill estimated budget holes in 2014 and 2015, in addition to reshaping downtown with apartments and bringing more income for the city.

However, opponents like P.G. Sittenfeld say the $92 million will all be spent in the next two years and want neighborhoods to see more of the money, rather than mostly in the downtown area.

"I ask this council; Where is your fiscal responsibility to the citizens and business owners of Cincinnati? How can you speed into such a high stakes, short term, band aid solution to bridging the budget gap. This is an out of control spending addiction," said Cincinnati businesswoman, Piper Rogers.

The next public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday at 6 p.m.

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