Waterfront Park Condos To Open

By Justin Wilfon

(LOUISVILLE, August 5th, 2004, 3 p.m.) -- Louisville's newest downtown housing development is nearly complete. Residents should start moving in to Waterfront Park Place in the next four to six weeks. WAVE 3's Justin Wilfon reports.

The high rise condo complex has been under construction downtown for nearly four years. Currently, it's running about 10 months behind schedule.

Roughly 40 of the building's 76 condos remained unsold as of the first week in August. They range in price from $300,000 to $1.6 million.

"We've sold them at every price point so we have units left at every price point," said Waterfront Park Place co-owner Mark Helm.

City leaders hope the development will lead the way in a revitalization of downtown. "What we're really doing there is creating a new neighborhood," said Cabinet Secretary for Community development Bruce Traughber.

Traughber says Waterfront Park Place and other condos currently under construction nearby will lead to additional development.

"There'll be spin-offs in terms of additional restaurants, grocery stores, dry cleaners, all those things that are necessary for everyday life."

Online Reporter: Justin Wilfon

Online Producer: Michael Dever