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WAVE 3 Editorial – February 26, 2013: Restoring a vote

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

In our country you do time for a crime and then you are supposed to have made restitution and be made whole. Your punishment is over. That should include regaining your right to vote. 

Depending on where you live, that is the case. If you live in Indiana that is the case. It is not in Kentucky. A felony conviction in Kentucky and four other states means you can never vote again unless you get an executive pardon. Certain misdemeanor convictions in Kentucky also deny you voting privileges again without an executive pardon.

The Kentucky House passed a bill last week to restore voting rights to felons. The bill would actually allow voters to approve a constitutional amendment change to make this happen and it would exclude felons convicted of treason, sex crimes, bribery or intentional killing.  So you would have the final say if this should happen.  You deserve that right to decide. The House has voted to give it to you for six straight years now but the Senate won't even allow their body a vote on it.

They should put aside politics and allow a vote of the full Senate. And the full Senate should approve it. It is fair and just - the right thing to do.

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