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Trial starts for first of two men charged with love-triangle murder

Joseph Banis in court on February, 26, 2013. Joseph Banis in court on February, 26, 2013.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - He led police to a body buried in a Rubbermaid bin in a basement and attorney Justin Brown said that proves his the innocence of his client, Joseph Banis, in the 2009 death of Jamie Carroll.

During the start of Banis' murder trial on Tuesday, Brown agreed that Banis helped dispose of Carroll's body. However, Banis claims it was Mundt who killed Carroll. Prosecutor Josh Schneider told the jury Carroll, Mundt and Banis were messing around and doing meth when Banis and Mundt plotted to rob Carroll of his drugs and money.

"The last thing Jamie Carroll will remember is lying naked on that bed as he is stabbed and shot to death numerous times to his death," said Schneider.

After, Schneider said the two went to the hardware store where they bought the 50-gallon container.

"They have to take sledge hammer and have to break his knees to wedge him inside the container," said Schneider.

Both men are charged with burying the container in the basement of their Old Louisville home. It took six months to find it.

In June 2010, Banis was arrested after a domestic dispute with Mundt. That's when he told police he could help them find a body. He even told police they could find the murder weapon that was confiscated by Chicago police when he and Mundt were charged with having counterfeit money.

"There's a revolver that they test and once they extract the bullet from Jamie Carroll's face, the gun they find confiscated from Chicago it is the same gun that was used to shoot Jamie Carroll," Schneider told the jurors.

Brown argued to jurors that Banis told police to turn in Mundt who killed Carroll out of jealousy.

"The sex acts that took place on that bed were between Joey and Jamie only to the exclusion of Mundt," said Brown. "Mundt was left out. He was ignored by Joey and Jaimie."

Mundt will have his own trial expected in May, but he is expected to testify against Banis to avoid the death penalty. The same offer was given to Banis for his testimony at Mundt's trial.

Banis' trial is expected to last two weeks.

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