Men charged in Shelby County church trailer theft

Bob Perkins
Bob Perkins
The stolen trailer after its recovery by Louisville Metro Police.
The stolen trailer after its recovery by Louisville Metro Police.

SIMPSONVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Two men arrested in Louisville have been charged with stealing something from a church parking lot.

Behind Simpsonville Baptist Church sits two trailers. There used to be three. Bob Perkins of the Shelby County Baptist Association took us to the remnants of the third trailer – the one that has been somewhat destroyed.

"The front axle has just come apart," said Perkins, as he described some of the damage. "Busted the lock and the locking mechanism off the front of it.'

But the damage to the trailer was not all. Much of the contents inside it are gone.

"We've got all kind of hand tools and power tools that are missing," Perkins said. "They just trashed the whole trailer."

Who had it and what happened to the stuff inside? Perkins got a call Friday evening from Louisville Metro Police because they wanted to know the same thing.

"We verified that it was stolen," said Perkins. "We told them the value of the trailer and the contents and they went down there and arrested some people at that location."

Kenneth Ratliff and Brad Fisher, both 32, were arrested for stealing the trailer. Ratliff was also charged with possession of prescription pills.

After Metro police recovered the trailer, Perkins said it was so badly damaged they had to have it towed on a flatbed back to Simpsonville.

Shelby County Baptist Association uses the trailer and the tools inside to help people that have been hit by disaster. Perkins said those victims are victimized, yet again.

"Tomorrow, if there's a disaster we won't be able to respond in force like we normally do because of what these thieves have done," said Perkins. "Thieves and criminals today, they just have no value themselves on what they're doing to other people when they commit these crimes."

Perkins says the group will be praying to see if God wants them to continue their ministry. U.S. Trailer Sales in Simpsonville is looking to see if the trailer can be fixed. If not, it will be an $8,000 loss.

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