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What impact will the Sequester have on Thunder Over Louisville?

Wayne Hettinger Wayne Hettinger

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Military aircraft for Thunder Over Louisville could be grounded with the latest government sequester talks. Leaders for one of the city's most iconic events say there's a backup plan should that be the case, but the loss of the military would be a disappointment.

"It would be sad for me, because I've always said that Thunder Over Louisville is a very patriotic show so I would hate to lose that, but we'll deal with what we have to," said Wayne Hettinger, Thunder Over Louisville producer.

Hettinger said they've been planning for a situation like this since July 2012 when they received word things could be in jeopardy for the 2013 show. In December, leaders went to work on a backup plan that would change the event to more of a civilian air show.

"We started talking to everybody in the industry on the civilian side with their air acts," said Hettinger. "We doubled up and tripled up what we normally have so we have them set and ready to go. Most of them are ready to do two or three shows. They can fly out of their one show and come back and do a different performance."

Leaders say strong sponsorship support is also helping to make sure the show can go on.

Thunder Over Louisville producers also have flexibility. They say they can change either way to accommodate the military, up until the day before the big show in April.

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