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Chef Todd Kelly's Tuna Crudo

Tuna crudo with crisp nori, radishes, arugula and miso aioli


1 ea        nori sheet

1 T           glucose

1 c           water

1T            sesame seeds


  • Blend glucose and water. Dip the nori in the water and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  • In a dehydrator dehydrate until completely dry. Fry the nori in oil at 350 until crispy and reserve


Miso marinate

2 oz         white Miso

1 oz         yuzu juice

1 oz         white Balsamic

2 oz         tangerine Juice


  • Whisk together all ingredients


4 oz         shaved tuna

  • Marinate tuna with miso marinate.
  • Season with salt and pepper.



Tangerine Miso Aioli
1oz          white Miso
1oz          tangerine juice
2 oz         mayo
  1t          rice Wine Vinegar
  1 t         sesame Oil

  • Blend all ingredients

1 T           House pickled local ginger

1 ea        radish

1 bu        arugula

1t            togarashi



Place the marinated tuna on the crisp nori.

Garnish the dish with the aioli, pickled ginger, miso aioli, radish, arugula and togarashi

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