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Developer wants minority status back despite questions

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville developer is trying to get back its minority-owned business status despite claims it's all a sham.

In January, questions arose about whether the company building a controversial apartment complex in Highview was just a front to get millions of dollars in special minority-owned financing. Now, Overlook Development has reapplied to continue its minority owned status, but they won't be approved without a fight.

On January 21, Overlook Development submitted a new application to the Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission asking to be certified as a female-owned business. But there are indications Overlook is not really female-owned.

Documents reveal Overlook is listed to a Louisville address controlled by a company called LDG Development. LDG is owned by Chris Dischinger, the main player in the controversial Frontgate Apartments project in Highview.

LDG reps have been front and center in the fight with neighbors over that mixed income apartment building. But it's Overlook Development's name that appeared on the application to the Kentucky Housing Corporation. KHC awarded overlook $4,290,000 in tax credits as a female owned businesses as incentive to complete the project.

"The decisions made regarding the applications for Frontgate Apartments were based on information provided to Kentucky Housing Corporation at the time of the application," said Rick McQuady, executive director of KHC.
But not only does Overlook Development not have an office, the woman listed as owner doesn't even work for the company. Lisa Dischinger, Chris Dischinger's wife, was nowhere to be found when we went to the office address listed to LDG and Overlook.

Louisville Human Relations Commission executive director, Carolyn Miller-Cooper, said Overlook's application for continued female owned business status has been challenged by Jon Bingham, a Highview resident who has been fighting the Frontgate Apartments project. Miller-Cooper said
she sent a notice of that challenge to Overlook and asked for some follow up information.

Miller-Cooper said Overlook has yet to respond. If a timely response is not submitted, Miller-Cooper said Overlook's application for female owned status will expire. McQuady said the funding for Frontgate Apartment's will not be impacted even if Overlook loses its minority status.

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