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Escapee shows up in court in handcuffs, then arrested

Bradley Scherzinger Bradley Scherzinger
Judge Jerry Crosby Judge Jerry Crosby
Deputy Kelly O'Bryant Deputy Kelly O'Bryant
Sergeant Matt Weber Sergeant Matt Weber
Bradley Scherzinger sitting in handcuffs. Bradley Scherzinger sitting in handcuffs.

LA GRANGE, KY (WAVE) - A Prospect man showed up to court with a tell-tale sign he was on the run. It's something they're still talking about in Oldham County.

Sitting in court Wednesday, Bradley Scherzinger, 29, acted just like a man in custody should. Almost everyone in the courtroom knew that wasn't always the case. A little more than a week before, when he appeared before Judge Jerry Crosby for a domestic violence case, it was supposed to be dismissed, until Scherzinger refused to admit there was probable cause for his arrest in the first place. 

Since Judge Crosby saw Scherzinger sitting in court with the victim, and knew that no contact with the victim was a condition of Scherzinger's bond, he ordered him taken into custody. That's when deputies found handcuffs already around one of Scherzinger's wrists.

"He was previously, earlier that night, locked up by the Prospect Police Department for drunk driving and he escaped from them," said Oldham County Deputy Kelly O'Bryant.

No one in the court could believe it.

"I think this is a first for me for a defendant to come in with handcuffs on already from where he had escaped from a charge in Jefferson County," said Judge Crosby in court during the hearing.

"Had he stipulated probable cause, more likely than not, he would have left," O'Bryant said.

As word started to spread no one else could quite wrap their minds around it either.

"It went from the first floor to the third floor of the courthouse in a matter of a couple minutes I believe," said Sergeant Matt Weber.  "I've seen them slip out and escape, seen them run off, I've seen them turn themselves in, never seen them come to court like that."

Wednesday, Scherzinger said he's learned his lesson.

"You won't see me again, your honor.  I promise," he said.

The misdemeanor domestic violence charge that Scherzinger was originally in court for was dismissed but now he faces felony charges for escape and DUI in Jefferson County.

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