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Pooch poo causing big problems on pedestrian bridge

Danny Lynch Danny Lynch
Katrina Surrell Katrina Surrell

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - If dog owners don't start cleaning up after their pets they could soon be banned from the Big Four Bridge.

The Louisville Waterfront Development Corporation met Wednesday night to discuss the mess. Executive director David Karem said his crew counted at least twenty piles on the pedestrian walkway over the weekend.

Runners and walkers fear once the warm weather hits it will become an even bigger mess. Karem wants to make sure dog owners know they are responsible and need to bring a bag to clean it up.

"I came up here with a bag to make sure I take responsibility for my dog if he, you know," said Danny Lynch, "I came here ready to pick up anything." 

"I almost stepped in one," said Katrina Surrell, a bridge walker. "It's on the people who own the dog to cleanup after the dogs."

For now the board is going to watch the issue and bring it back up in 30 days. Board members are looking at several options from fines to banning dogs all together.     

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