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WAVE 3 Editorial – February 28, 2013: Feedback

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By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Our "Restoring the Vote" editorial this week advocating Kentucky legislators restore the right to vote to felons who have served their time elicited several facebook responses.

Alan wrote: "With rights come responsibilities. If you cannot demonstrate responsible citizenship, then you should lose the right to vote, but unless you are a repeat offender, there should be a period of time that being jail free should warrant those rights to be reinstated."

Roseanne responded: "It would seem to be a significant part of rehabilitation – if the criminal desires to vote."

Miriam agreed, writing, "In order to fully get back on the right path, a previous offender needs to live as ‘normal' a life as possible once released from prison.  Stigmas, constant reminders, heavy restrictions, and other forms of adding public isolation to ex-offenders will not help them adjust, become productive, or begin to build a sense of self-worth and value."

Louis disagreed, posting, "A felon shouldn't have the same rights as someone who has never been in trouble."

And Bob posted, "If you are going to commit a felony and want to retain your right to vote, go across the river. You get to vote and crime in Louisville goes down!"

We appreciate your thoughts on our editorials and encourage your suggestions for future topics.

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