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Tri-state remembers March 2 tornados one year later


Saturday marks the one year anniversary of the powerful tornados that pushed through parts of northern Kentucky and Ohio.

The storm began in Kentucky and traveled into Ohio through the hard hit areas of Franklin, Tate and Washington Townships and the Village of Moscow. The community has been rebuilding throughout the year.   

In the state of Kentucky, 25 people were killed in the tornados. More than 4,500 homes were affected. Of these homes, 671 were destroyed and 588 had major damage.

An EF4 tornado ripped through Piner, Kentucky and parts of Crittenden causing heavy damage. Four people were killed and eight others were injured after 175 mph winds tore through the area.

Ohio also suffered major damages in areas. Moscow, Ohio was hit particularly hard. The Village's post office has only been recently re-opened on Thursday.

Some have been able to rebuild. For others, rebuilding is still in progress. In the midst of the rebuilding process, many are optimistic.    

"Today is a day to celebrate. It's a day to remember," said Piner resident Bill Schneider. "It's a day to mourn a little bit but basically celebrate what we've been through and how we've recovered so far."

The recovery process has been slow, but the communities affected by the tornadoes are thankful for the help they have been given.  

"It wasn't just our neighbors helping out," said Schneider. "It was folks from all over the tri-state that were helping out."

Clermont County Commissioner, Dave Uible, says support has been coming in from all over.

"It was the generosity and the compassion of the people that really brought out the best in everybody."

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