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Horse escapes Turfway race, heads for the highway


A racehorse was captured near southbound I-75 after he escaped from Turfway Park on Saturday evening.

Joseph the Catfish, a three-year-old racehorse, escaped Turfway Park during his first race start.

Turfway representatives say that Joseph seemed nervous right off the bat. After a shaky start, the horse skittered around the first turn trying to run from under his jockey.

The jockey, Eddie Zuniga, was persistent and road Joseph to the second turn.

After rounding the second turn, Joseph the Catfish made his escape. The horse threw off Zuniga and leaped over the racetrack barrier.

Joseph ran down Houston Road past a Target and a steakhouse.

Officials chasing the horse caught up with Joseph the Catfish near the Turfway Road ramp.

The race-starter and a veterinarian were able to catch Joseph before he reached the highway.

Neither the horse nor the jockey were hurt.

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