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Sergeant Stay-at-Home officially under investigation

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office has confirmed it is now looking into the case of "Sergeant Stay-at-Home."

He's the veteran Cleveland Police officer exposed by our Chief Investigator Carl Monday.

The Prosecutor plans to review evidence gathered by Monday and his team, that showed Sgt. Dean Graziolli returning home in his police cruiser, only hours after starting his shift in the 4th District on the east side. Graziolli lives near Fulton Avenue in the 2nd district on the west side.

Monday documented the officers cruiser in his driveway on 14 different days when he was on duty. One neighbor said he's been coming home for about eleven or twelve years.

Graziolli's boss, Commander Deon McCaulley agreed to an on camera interview, but the Chief's office refused permission, saying the case is now in the hands of the Police Public Integrity Unit, looking into possible departmental charges. The Prosecutor will determine if Graziolli committed any crimes.

In his duty reports, The Sergeant said he was monitoring police dispatch calls. If that's the case, he was doing so out of his home....nearly nine miles from the 4th District.

In a phone conversation, Commander McCAulley did tell Monday he was "very disappointed" by Graziolli's work performance, but claimed he knew nothing about it until he saw the story on 19 Action News. Sources tell 19 Action News several officers watched the story as they worked their shifts inside 4th district headquarters.

McCaulley says he "trying to build confidence in the department" with citizens in the district, and that Graziolli's actions "don't go along with what we're trying to do here."

He made it clear his comments were based only on what he saw in the 19 Action News report and the case was now in the hands of the Chief's office.

McCaulley admitted he has talked to Graziolli. He says the Sergeant is "very ashamed, very remorseful for what he's done."

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