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Defendant's ex-boyfriend continues intense testimony in Banis murder trial

Joseph Banis listened to his ex-boyfriend's testimony in court on Tuesday. Joseph Banis listened to his ex-boyfriend's testimony in court on Tuesday.
Jeffery Mundt took the stand for a second day. Jeffery Mundt took the stand for a second day.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Things got heated in court on Tuesday when Joseph Banis's attorney questioned Jeffrey Mundt. Banis, who is on trial accused of murdering Jamie Carroll, claims Mundt carried out the killing.

Mundt spent one-and-a-half days on the stand in his former boyfriend's murder trial.

Banis's attorney Darren Wolff was trying to prove that Mundt hasn't been consistent or truthful in his statements, but Mundt continued to provide an explanation for every answer he's given from the day he was arrested in June 2010.

Mundt told jurors it was a Kershaw brand knife that he saw Banis use to kill Carroll. Wolff questioned Mundt about a picture in which he had the same brand knife on his belt. When Mundt told Wolff Chicago police confiscated the knife when he was arrested for having counterfeit bills, Wolff raised his voice asking Mundt, "someone else took the knife and is preventing you from bringing it in for Detective (Jon) Lesher to look at? It is not you that lost the knife? It is not you that is impeding the investigation in this case? It is somebody else. Right? It's always somebody else? Would you agree with me? You don't ever do anything? It's somebody else that does stuff."

Mundt replied, "I don't know how to answer that question. All I can say is, in terms of the knives, they were taken by the police and they were not returned to me."

Wolff also questioned Mundt's statements that Banis threatened him for six months after Carroll's death in December 2009. "What you said to the jury yesterday, that he had a gun on you at all times, you will agree with me that that was just not necessarily accurate, right?"

"I don't think I could make that amended statement," answered Mundt. "No, Mr. Banis slept with a gun under his pillow. Mr. Banis carried a gun with him whenever he left the house and around the house as well."

Wolff tried to prove text messages Mundt sent Banis around Valentine's Day 2010 showed Mundt did not feel threatened. "In honor of St. Valentine's Day and my love for you," Mundt read from the messages. "The pleasure of your company is requested tomorrow night for dinner at 2200 and Morton's. Repondez S'il Vous Plait."

Mundt told jurors he did not remember the context of the text message. But in another message sent around that same time, Banis asked Mundt not to go to the police. "Jase, I love you, but I hear too many footsteps. Please do not involve any officials. I will inform them of the basement if you do. Please don't. Please just allow me some small peace before I go," recited Mundt.

"And what is happening in the context of that particular series of text messages?" asked Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Ryane Conroy. "Joey was basically threatening to kill himself," said Mundt.

Banis says he still didn't tell police then because he was afraid of being implicated.

Banis could get the death penalty if convicted of Carroll's murder.

Testimony continues on Wednesday. Follow @JaimieWeiss for updates from the courthouse.

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