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Mystery packages woman didn't order show up on her porch


Sometimes packages are delivered to the wrong address, but what if something you didn't order arrives with your name and address on it? 

An Evansville woman tells 14 News she got home last night to find three packages on her doorstep. They were addressed to her, but she didn't order them.

For some, getting free stuff, might be like hitting the lottery, and just this week, that happened to Maria Hillenbrand.

"For a total of $393.62," Maria said.

Hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise with Maria's name dropped off on her doorstop except she didn't order it.

"I was panicked. I thought someone had my credit card and they were making these purchases," Maria said.

Maria picked up the phone and called QVC, to learn an account had been set up in her name.

"And it shows my customer number that they said they just set up in February," Maria said. "QVC was just baffled. He had never heard of anything like this, because I assured him I did not place this order. That is not my account"

But, the credit card they used isn't Maria's.

"They kind of thought it was someone who had gotten a hold of a stolen credit card and was using it to see if they could get away with it," Maria said.

"It would be a fraud because you're still talking about a potential identity theft because they had set up an account," Mt. Vernon Police Chief Grant Beloat said.

Beloat says they've taken 12 fraud calls so far this year. If you've experienced what Maria's now going through, it should be reported, for your credit's sake if nothing else.

"It would help them if anything was to ever come on their credit report, or anything like that because they would have documentation from their law enforcement agency," Beloat said.

After 14 News spoke with Maria Wednesday, she says two more items arrived at her house during the afternoon.

A US Postal Service rep says it could be a different twist on a re-shipper scam, where items are bought with a stolen card and if successful, stolen off a doorstep before anyone notices.

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