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Why some schools stayed open during snow storm


Hundreds of schools closed on Wednesday, and many more issued delays.

But some made the decision to stay open, including Fort Thomas Independent.

The district decided early this morning that all schools would operate on a one hour delay, but many people weren't' surprised that school was still in session.

"It's very rare in Fort Thomas that you actually shut the school down," said Gene White, who picked his grandson up from school.

White was among those picking up their kids or grandkids today. He says since he young, this district has been known to stay open despite a substantial snowfall.

"My grandson said the other day, 'If it snows Papaw can we go sled riding?' I said, 'Yeah if you don't have school, but I'm sure you will.'"

"Any day that we can have school we want to have it," said Gene Kirchner, Fort Thomas superintendent.

Kirchner says between city workers and school crews, they made sure the main roads, sidewalks, and parking lots were safe before any kids came to school.

"We made the decision around 5 a.m. That with the snow stopping that we felt like we would be in school with an hour delay safely," he said.

Kirchner says they only had one minor problem related to their phones being down due to a power outage. But every parent was notified via cell phone about the delay.

"In terms of students getting to school, staff getting to school no real problems actually to report," he said.

Some sidewalks and cars remain covered in a few inches of snow, but White says the city deserves a whole lot of credit for their hard work.

"The city always gets the main drags cleared and ready to go so it makes it safe for the kids," he said.

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