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Local organization seeks to have church in bars


One local organization is trying to bring worship into the bars.

"The whole idea basically got started by realizing that a lot of people in Tyler feel alienated by church services, for whatever reason," said Church at a Bar founder, David George Montalvo.

So he decided to start Church at a Bar. It's not exactly what you think. They just want to have a service at a bar on Sunday mornings.

"What we wanted to do was create a safe third space where you could go and gather and it didn't matter if you were LGBT or you kissed a girl and you liked it. It doesn't matter. And you could safely go to this place and you could find a safe, fun community where you could befriend one another and love what God loves," Montalvo said.

The group also plans on going to bars on the weekend and handing out water and offering free rides, and if people need it, a listening ear.

"That's so important to reduce crime, to reduce tickets, to keep families safe, to keep our neighbors safe. That's being a Good Samaritan," Montalvo said. 

Solomon Rodgers decided to join after working as a youth pastor in the church. He said many people feel excluded by many churches.

"They feel excluded just because they don't act they same way, they can't just walk in the door. They don't have the opportunity to ask question and really seek in many occasions," Rodgers said.

And it's their welcoming mission that really attracted him.

"Everyone's welcome. Everyone can ask questions. Everyone can be a part of this community. You don't have to believe in the same things to be involved. Just come," Rodgers said.

David's just hoping they can reach the unreachable.

"If it's under a bridge where a bunch of homeless people are that no one would touch, that's where we want to be. If it's in a bar and loving people that others would not befriend and actually shun,then we want to be Jesus right there, because that's where I see Him hanging out and I want to be like Jesus," Montalvo said.

Click here to learn more about Church at a Bar or how to volunteer,

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