More women-owned businesses changing work climate

Tierra Kavanaugh Turner
Tierra Kavanaugh Turner

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - As the nation tries to recover from the economic downturn, women are right there helping lead the charge.

According to business magazine Forbes, small business owners who are women are creating new jobs at a rate that outdistances their male counterparts.

Female business owner Tierra Kavanaugh Turner has seen the Louisville job market picking up.

"We're really beginning to see a lot moving within manufacturing, education, naturally health care," Kavanaugh Turner said.

She would know.  As CEO of TKT & Associates, it's her business to make sure businesses have the tools they need to run: staffing, human resources and recruiting. Her specialty is making sure companies give a chance to workers who traditionally may not have had workforce advantages.

"We work with organizations to assist them in utilizing more minority and women-owned businesses in their procurement," she said.

That's where she's seeing a difference in today's economic climate: more female-owned businesses and more women helping one another.

"We can all relate to coming in for an 8:00 meeting, really and truly our households are still on our brains because we're just getting our kids out the door. Just wasn't the easiest this morning, but we sit down, we smile and we're ready for the day," Kavanaugh Turner said.

There are still challenges. The Institute for Women's Policy Research released findings that the wage gap between women and men is growing. Kavanaugh Turner sees that as well.

"We know what our clients are willing to pay and so many times we have top, female candidates that will almost come in 20-to 25-thousand dollars less," she said.  "So it's really upon women to understand what they're worth, to demand it, to require it and learn how to negotiate it."

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