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Constituents speak out for and against Metro Councilwoman

Barbara Shanklin Barbara Shanklin

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The future of Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin hangs in the balance after the Metro Ethics Commission recommended that she be kicked off the Metro Council. It made the recommendation after determining that she mishandled funds for local programs.

The commission said Shanklin misused her office to get neighborhood development grants for a neighborhood association and controlled how the money was ultimately dispersed. Shanklin was also charged with nepotism.

Some in the Newburg-Petersburg area Shanklin's 2nd District covers said the councilwoman is no different than any other politician.

"In politics, every politician up there has done something to help somebody that they know," said 2nd District resident Jimmy Wright. "If they tell you that they haven't, they are going to be looking you in your face and lying."

Some constituents defended Shanklin.

"Since I was a little boy about three or four years old, I've been playing at Newburg Community Center and at the park over there, and Barbara Shanklin has been a big inspiration to us and everybody," said Kenneth Trice. "She kept me out of trouble. She's been there for me and my family -- for everybody -- for years and years." 

In order for Shanklin to be removed from office, five council members have to swear out charges against her. The remaining members would act as the council court and hear the charges against her and decide whether she should be removed.

Shanklin's attorney said he will appeal the Ethics Commission's decision.

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