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Mother & Son: Unlikly crime fighting duo takes on burglar...and wins

Talbert Glenn Talbert Glenn

A burglar is busted by a woman and her eight-year old son. Now, while the victims are speaking out, the suspect is sitting behind bars.

"He busted through my kitchen door -- talking like this is my house. This is my house," said Jamila Sloan. "I really was in fear of my life. My son's life. My well being."

Police say Jamila and her son teamed up and shoved him into a fish tank before hitting him over the head. They held him until the cops same.

"I put his head in the fish tank and got him on the ground. I was choking him and punching him and biting and scratching and doing everything I could," said Sloan.

"He started pulling my mom's hair and that's when I got really really mad," added Chris Turner.

Defending his mom, Chris used a piece from his scooter as a weapon on the burglar.

"I got mad and started hitting him in the head with a handle from my scooter," said Chris.

Cleveland Police arrested Talbert Glenn. It happened Saturday near E. 152nd. Jamila says the intruder had ties to her landlord. She's convinced he was high.

Cops say Glenn has a record for drugs and weapons. 

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