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Severe weather knocks down trees, buildings in Pike County


Downed trees and metal debris were scattered around Pike County Monday night courtesy of what some called a tornado.

"It sounded like a freight train when it came through. I basically took cover and things started whirling and twisting in the air," said Mike Hoover, a Concord resident.

Hoover said the storm system showed no mercy.

"Basically it come through here and everything was leveled and there is tin from here to the street, and that is a half mile away," said Hoover.

Hoover said the wind was so strong, it ripped apart buildings and barns.

"We just built this shop and it just leveled it. It came across the river and when it hit this hill, it went across and leveled the big barn. It is devastating," Hoover said.

The storm knocked out power to countless homes, but despite all the damage, officials said they were lucky.

"We dodged a bullet. We have a lot barns down, a lot of pasture fences down and cows loose that we have got to get back in, but so far it looks like everybody's house is OK," said Jimmy Totten, the Pike County emergency management director.

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