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Lawrenceburg council member resigns


A Lawrenceburg City Council member has resigned.

According to a report from Eagle 99.3, councilman Doug Taylor submitted a letter of resignation on March 14. Council unanimously voted to accept the letter during a meeting on Monday.

Taylor, a Democrat, recently wrote another letter to the Dearborn County prosecutor accusing city officials of breaking the law.

According to Eagle 99.3, Taylor said in his resignation letter that his stepping down is part of the resolution of a 2011 criminal case against him. He was charged with ghost employment and official misconduct for appearing at a campaign event in his police uniform.

"I have received correspondence from Doug Taylor regarding a request for a criminal investigation," said Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard. "I have also been advised by Independent Special Prosecutor Dan Sigler that this letter was filed only after Mr. Taylor signed an agreement resolving the criminal case against him."

Sigler advised that Taylor never mentioned or reported the allegations against him prior to the resolution.

"Based on the timing of the correspondence, the fact that Mr. Taylor has confessed to criminal activity while employed as a police officer, and the manner in which these alleged criminal acts were reporter it is clear that Taylor is acting vindictively and not motivated by justice. As such, this office will not waste any taxpayer money by taking any further action," said Negangard.

Negangard said Taylor reported that copies of his letter were passed on to the FBI and the Indiana State Police. Negangard said if they present the prosecutor's office with a report alleging criminal activity on the part of any individual, it will be dealt with accordingly.

A Democrat caucus will be held to replace Taylor. Lawrenceburg residents interesting in being a candidate will have about 30 days to file paperwork in the Dearborn County Clerk of Courts Office.

FOX19 learned in December that the FBI served a grand jury subpoena on city officials seeking documents related to loans and grants awarded between 2007 and the present.

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