UCF student found dead; may have been planning an attack

ORLANDO, FL (WAVE) - The University of Central Florida is the scene of an investigation after an apparent suicide and the discovery of explosives, guns, and plans for an attack in the dorm room of 30-year-old James Seevakumaran.

Police believe Seevakumaran set off a fire alarm inside the Tower One dormitory before he went to retrieve his weapons and encountered one of his roommates. A 911 call was placed by the roommate who said he was hiding in a bathroom after Seevakumaran had pulled a gun on him.

Inside the dorm room, police uncovered the body of Seevakumaran, a handgun, an assault weapon, a couple hundred rounds of ammunition and four homemade bombs in a backpack along with writings that suggested he was planning an attack.

All residents of the Tower One dormitory were evacuated. Authorities are still trying to understand what may have caused Seevakumaran to tick.

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