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Judge recuses herself from Reed case

Councilman Zack Reed Councilman Zack Reed

It is likely, although not certain, that the DUI case of Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed will be heard by a visiting judge.  

Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Pinkey Carr recused herself from the case citing Reed's endorsement of her during her re-election campaign.  Judge Carr, however made it clear that Reed had not donated to her re-election campaign, but still felt it necessary to step down.

"The issue is not whether or not I can be fair and impartial, because as it relates to anyone, I can be fair and impartial, but to avoid the appearance of impropriety in that the Councilman did endorse me, I am going to recuse myself now from this case," Judge Carr said from the bench. 

 Also at issue, although Judge Carr did not bring it up, is that because city council sets the budget for the Cleveland Municipal Court that there is an inherent conflict, in any muni court judge hearing a case involving a member of council. That has lead to the assumption that a visiting judge will hear Councilman Reeds case.

Councilman Reed had no comment when asked about the Judge stepping down and he also had no comment to a question regarding Cleveland City Council stripping him of his Council Committee assignments. 

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