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Overseas adoption grows family from 5 to 8

Lori and Sam hugged for the first time as mother and son. Lori and Sam hugged for the first time as mother and son.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A family fighting an adoption from another continent was welcomed home by friends and family. Tuesday night, Lori Pyle watched her husband, Francis Pyle, and three new adopted children get off the plane at Louisville International Airport.

The flight carrying the four departed from the African nation of Sierra Leone and arrived at the Louisville International Airport at 7:37 p.m. When the flight schedule switched to arrived, Lori and her three children were overwhelmed with emotion.

"They're here," said Lori as she stood clinching her hands tight near her mouth. As the four passed the security gate, she took off running towards Sam Pyle, 17, the boy she had been trying to adopt for three and a half years. Sam ran into her four years ago when Lori was in his native country while she was delivering blankets to his orphanage.

Sam ran away one night and found Pyle at a hotel, telling her that his brother and sister were abused. When Lori and Francis got back to Oldham County, they both agreed to adopt 17-year old Sam, his sister Bethany and their brother Drake.

"These past three and a half years have been so hard," said Lori. "We kept fighting and wouldn't give up." She fought the African nation and its government to take custody of the three children.

Their arrival at Louisville International Airport was overwhelming. Dozens of friends, family and even strangers who heard about their story were waiting for them when they returned home.

The Oldham County family has now grown from a family of five to a family of eight.

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