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Borden Braves Make History

Borden Indiana is a small town just thirty minutes north of downtown Louisville.  It's population is just 800 people, but that 800 is rallying around a group of 12 who is making history this week by competing in the schools first state championship. 

Borden Resident Robin Wagoner said, "It's not only this season we've rallied around these boys, we rallied around the boys before them and the boys before them for many many years now, we just happen to be winning right now so we're being recognized."

"Well I think it really puts us on the map, you know a lot of folks have no clue where Borden is," commented Deputy Marshall Ryan Hammond.

But they're starting to as this team is making a name for itself in and out of town, but as far as the people in town, well they can't get enough of them.

Borden Resident Darcy Gray said, "880 people plus another 1,000 are lined up waiting for them to come through, you know they're like rockstars."

"People are going to support a winning program, but they're also going to support a coach that they believe in and that can relate to the community and he does that very well, " said Athletic Director Toby Cheatham.

Coach Doc Nash has been in the program for seven years.  In that seven years he's won five conference championships, four sectionals, two regionals, and after Saturday's victory he's taking his team to the state championship.

"I'm proud of them, I love them to death, and this just means a lot to me personally to see these kids grow up over the years," commented Head Coach Doc Nash.

Senior Jalen McCoy said, "It's amazing man, there's no better feeling, we just want to win one more so we can be state champions."

The Borden Braves take on Triton Saturday morning at 10:30 in Bankers Life Fieldhouse up in Indianapolis. 

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