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Waiting game for Shanklin's fate

Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Spokespersons for the Louisville Metro Council say it could be weeks before we know if they decide to take action against Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin.

Last week, the Metro Ethics Commission recommended that Shanklin be removed from her position after it found that she violated four sections of Metro ethics rules.

Shanklin was charged with five allegations of misconduct in financial disclosures. The Ethics Commission found that Shanklin violated rules regarding the hiring of a family member and by directing funds to a neighborhood association that she made financial decisions for.

The Ethics Commission made letters of censure and reprimand part of the public record in this case. After reviewing the findings, the council has three choices:  

  1. Take no action against Shanklin
  2. Reprimand her
  3. Take steps to remove her.

To remove Shanklin five members would have to form a charging committee. They would swear out charges against her and the rest of the Metro Council would vote.

Tony Hyatt, a Metro Council spokesperson, said council members would like to proceed cautiously and have all the facts before taking action.

The Commission's findings are contained in a 50+ page document. In addition to the packet, there are hundreds of pages of supporting documentation to go along with it - pages which all members had not received until Wednesday. Each member of the Council has to review the findings in their entirety.

Aubrey Williams, Shanklin's attorney, told WAVE 3 he is preparing an appeal, a process that will take two to three weeks before it can be filed.

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