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8th graders help solve Mercy parking dilemma


Amid an expansion project for Mercy Health Anderson Hospital, officials turned to local 8th graders to help solve a dilemma.

The hospital needs to provide parking for 1,200 employees, 150 physicians, 500 patients and 200 construction workers, while losing 150 parking spots for construction of a new tower.

Mercy Health turned to Nagel Middle School's 8th grade math whizzes to think up a creative solution to the parking conundrum.

32 Nagel math students took on the role of civil engineer, given a blank drawing and told to develop a plan.

Project officials advised the students to look at landscaping to maximize the amount of parking, determine the total cost, how they will maintain operations at the hospital during construction and more. The 'engineers' worked in teams and competed for prizes.

On Friday, the teams presented their solutions to judges.

The winning team will have the honor of breaking ground for Mercy's new tower.

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