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IU faithful like what they see in Hoosiers first NCAA game

Lyle Kelley Lyle Kelley
Brad Regan Brad Regan
Robin Schmidt Robin Schmidt
Jean Tucker Jean Tucker
Bringham Callan Bringham Callan

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Indiana fans cheered on the Hoosiers as they cruised to an easy win Friday. IU dominated James Madison 83-62.

As IU fans settled into local pubs and restaurants, like Cluckers in Jeffersonville, it didn't take long for them to see their Hoosiers living up to their number one seed status. 

"They're unbelievable," said Lyle Kelley, "we just have a great group of guys!"

Fans could quickly relax and enjoy dinner, drinks and dunks as Indiana rolled over James Madison, a team many fans hadn't even heard of. Brad Regan said, "I have no clue about them." Another fan said he only knew James Madison was a U.S. President.

What they do know is they are thrilled to see Coach Tom Crean and company playing some of their best basketball to date. They're also ready to see more of it when they play Temple on Sunday.

Fans say the Hoosiers being back on top in the NCAA tournament is a great place to be. 

"It was a rough few years," said Robin Schmidt, "We would go to the games and support the team, but now they're so good, it's a hard ticket to find."

Schmidt said these days he can't get a ticket and was out at a bar watching the games.

"I think we're ready and we're ready to win the whole thing," said Jean Tucker, agreeing with Schmidt.

Tucker said she was a little concerned after the Big Ten Tournament ouster thanks to Wisconsin.

"That's just a Wisconsin thing," said Tucker, "They have our number."

That's not in the tournament. Wisconsin, a team that's been the itch Indiana can't scratch with 12 consecutive wins against the Hoosiers, became a casualty Friday. The Badgers were knocked off by Mississippi 57-46. It was hard to tell if fans were happier about Indiana winning or Wisconsin losing. 

"Wisconsin was the only team I didn't think we could beat," said Bringham Callan, "but now since Wisconsin is out of the tournament, I think we can win it all."

It's a statement Kelley agreed with.

"I hate to say I rooted against a Big Ten team, but that's the only team I wanted to lose," said Kelley. "Now that they're gone, we're happy."

Kelley now wants to see Miami and a few more team go home.

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