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Disturbing details released after teens are booked for murder

Melanie Coghill Melanie Coghill
Steven Baldwin (Source: Family photo) Steven Baldwin (Source: Family photo)
Toni Pike Toni Pike
The Baldwin home The Baldwin home

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) – Two young men accused of breaking into Steven Baldwin's home and fatally shooting him faced a judge on Friday morning. Jared Sowders, 18, and Garreth Stephens, 19, are charged with murder and burglary. However, Melanie Coghill, Baldwin's wife, said it was the tweets she found on Sowders' Twitter account that disgusts her the most.

The tweets read: 

"I look at myself as a different person now and I love it."

"Life experience is the craziest thing ever.

"That was the night my husband was shot," said Coghill.

Coghill has already turned over the information to Clarksville police. The tweets were posted just hours after Baldwin, 47, was found shot to death in his Plum Lakes' home.

"I'm glad they caught the killers because they can't kill other people now, but I'm just shocked that it was kids," said Coghill. 

Police arrested Stephens and Sowders Thursday afternoon in the parking lot of the Lochwood Apartments in New Albany. Neighbor Toni Pike watched it all unfold.

"They were screaming at the cops and hollering 'Congratulations you got us,'" said Pike. 

Pike had no idea the two teens were wanted for murder and burglary.

"I knew they were young," said Pike. "I just thought it was drugs. I can't imagine murder." 

Investigators say the two conspired to steal money from Baldwin's home and brought zip ties, ski masks, and a 25-caliber semi-automatic handgun. Police believe the teens were startled that Baldwin was home on March 11 and that Sowders pulled the trigger.

Court documents show at one point four teens were planning to burglarize the home. Clarksville police say they targeted Baldwin's house because they knew his stepson and thought there would be a lot of cash inside. 

"Nothing was even taken from our home," said Coghill.

According to Coghill, her son knew Sowders, but she said the two weren't friends.

"I've been trying to keep my son away from drugs and alcohol because I see what it does to kids, they want to steal to buy drugs," said Coghill. 

Now Coghill must try to move on, after losing her husband in such a senseless way.

"I'm just devastated, heartbroken," said Coghill. "He was my best friend."

The two teens are being held in the Clark County Jail without bond. They are due back in court in June. 

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