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PooPrints DNA tests dogs to cut down on left-behind waste


A new company says they have the solution for inconsiderate pet owners who leave their best friend's waste behind.

PooPrints is based out of Tennessee, but the franchise owners here in the valley say their service cuts down on dog droppings that can often be a nuisance at apartment communities and neighborhood with shared common space.

The company provides a cheek swab, which owners then use to gather DNA from inside their dog's cheek. It's sent to a lab and catalogued. Then, if a groundskeeper discovers left-behind waste, a sample is collected and sent to the lab. Within a few days, a match is made, the community manager is notified, and the dog owner could be fined.

"It would be part of the lease agreement to live there," explained Arizona PooPrints owner Allan Sabo. 

"In fact, HOAs (homeowners' associations) and condos are also making it part of their rules to living in that property or community. You would be required to have your dog registered," he explained. 

Dog owners say left-behind waste can be a problem, so they would sign up for the service if given the option. So far, Sabo says the program is so new to the valley, no communities are using the service.

"Normally, when you go to the dog parks and in public, there is lots of it left around," said dog owner Robert Morse.

"It's just not sanitary. It's gross. No one wants to see that," said Megan Birkuow, another dog owner.

The DNA test costs about $35 per dog. Fines if feces are left behind are determined by the property management.

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