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More women accuse Louisville doctor of sexual assault

Dr. Ghias Arar Dr. Ghias Arar

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Dr. Ghias Arar was given a notice of restriction Friday by the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure after four women came forward claiming the Louisville neurologist sexually assaulted them.

In February, Arar was in court after Tara Batrice said she was fondled by Arar during an appointment in which he left DNA evidence on her clothing. Her attorney Thomas Clay said at the time, "She went into the examining room with a walker and he took the walker away from her so she couldn't walk away, and he held her down forcibly while he massaged her private parts. He was performing acts upon himself that resulted in physical evidence we're going to send to DNA analysis."

Since then, three more victims have told board about their encounters with Arar.

A second woman said she went to see Arar on January 16 for chronic headaches. The woman said when Arar walked into the office he turned off the lights, told her she needed a hug and proceeded to give her one. The woman said Arar gave her a shot and two tablets before reaching into her shirt, exposing her breasts, rubbing them and asking, "Is that okay?"

The victim said Arar began asking personal questions and again reached into her shirt, this time completely exposing her breast. She said she blocked what she claims was an attempted kiss, put her clothes back in place and left.

The woman said she didn't go to her follow up appointment, but 13 days later, she did go back for an appointment thinking she would not see Arar. The victim claims Arar walked into the room and did the same thing to her he'd done previously.

A third woman said she was drove a patient of Dr. Arar to an appointment. During the patient's appointment, the woman who drove the patient told Arar of back pain. She said Arar asked her to stand in front of him with her back to him and bend over. Said said Arar then pulled down her pants and underwear, and ran his hands down her back, buttocks and legs. She claims Arar then asked her to sit up so he could check her heart rate. When doing so, she said Arar put his hand on her sternum at an angle so his palms touched her breasts. The woman said although she wasn't a patient, Arar wrote her a prescription and told her not to tell anyone.

The board wrote in the report that a fourth victim has told its members that Arar touched her sexually and inappropriately during two separate office visits. The board did not release those details.  

Last week, a grand jury indicted Arar on two counts of sex abuse in the first degree and six counts of sex abuse in the third degree.

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