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Spring snow hurting local businesses

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Some local businesses are hurting from the cold start to spring.

One year ago on March 25, 2012, it was 67 degrees. In addition, several March days were in the 80's.

This latest snowstorm has many Tri-State residents scratching their heads.

"It's kind of hard to say what is the norm anymore with all the weather patterns that we've had," said Ron Wilson.

Ron Wilson with Natorps says this time last year they had crews mowing grass and everything was in bloom.

"Folks are ready to get out and garden. There's no doubt, and I think I've felt it more this spring that I ever have," said Wilson.

Golf and snow is something else that doesn't mix.

Matt Starr is the head pro at the Meadow Links and Golf Academy in Forest Park. He says they've seen about an 80% decrease in rounds of golf played, compared to 2012.

"Usually this time of year in March we're able to have some decent days where people can get out and play the golf course. Unfortunately, this year has not cooperated real well," said Starr.

However, Starr says they're lucky because Meadow Links is one of few courses in the area with a heated driving range.

"We've been able to have some decent traffic when people are out here wanting to hit golf balls even when they can't play the golf course," added Starr.

So what's the average temperature for this time of year?

According to the FOX19 weather team, 56 degrees is average.

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