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Franklin police get outside help in cold case murder

Peggy Cox Peggy Cox

Franklin police hope a group of crime specialists with an unusual name will help lead them to a killer in the city's only cold case.

The group is called the Vidocq Society, and it is comprised of forensics specialists, prosecutors, crime scene reconstructors and investigators.

Franklin Detective Darren Barnes will present the case to the Vidocq Society in early April. The group meets once a month at Philadelphia's storied Union League to go over cold cases across the country.

Franklin police Chief David Rahinsky told Channel 4 News it was cold-blooded murder that so far has yielded no suspects.

Peggy Cox was gunned down 22 years ago as she worked the drive-thru window at a fast food restaurant on Highway 96.

"At approximately 11:45 at night, a car came through the drive-thru, two shots rang out and by the time Mrs. Cox hit the ground, she was dead," said Rahinsky.

Jude Cox was 20 years old at the time of his mother's murder. He was working the grill at the same restaurant when he heard the shots and told Channel 4 News in a 2011 interview he ran quickly to his mother's side.

"They said technically she was dead before she hit the floor, but I think she tried to say something. I just want to know why," Jude Cox said.

Rahinsky worked his Philadelphia contacts to move to the front of the line with the Vidocq Society. His father was an inspector with the Philadelphia Police Department, and Rahinsky followed in his father's footsteps by joining the department in 1985.

"We were able to call in some history that we have with some of the members of the Vidocq Society. They agreed our case deserved a prompt, thorough look," said Rahinsky.

Time is not on the Franklin Police Department's side, so that's why Rahinsky is getting outside help

"With every passing year, the likelihood of this case being solved decreases. We are hopeful the Vidocq Society will bring a fresh set of eyes to the case and help us pursue an avenue we may have missed," Rahinsky said.

For the victim's son, it has been a 22-year nightmare.

"I think about it daily," Jude Cox said. 

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