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"Waste of time!": Strongsville teachers says nothing came out of negotiations

Strongsville teachers strike Strongsville teachers strike
Week 4 of Strongsville teachers strike Week 4 of Strongsville teachers strike

Nothing was accomplished during Tuesday's negotiations between a federal mediator, Strongsville City Schools Board of Education and Strongsville Education Association.

"No progress was made. We'll continue to work towards an agreement that is sustainable and affordable for the district," John Krupinski, Strongsville Superintendent.  "We have to have a balanced budget."

The meeting began at 10:30 AM Tuesday morning and continued until just before 10 PM.

"We'll continue to strike. No deal was reached after 11 hours of meeting," said Tracy Linscott, President of Teachers Union.

The union also tells 19 Action News that the board would not budge on its last and final offer.

This is the fourth week of the teachers strike. The strike has been tense, with picketing teachers screaming at substitute teachers, as well as blocking the entrances to schools. 

The district is asking teachers to pay more of the healthcare costs. Teachers want to unfreeze a merit pay system the district had.

Both sides met in Independence. This was their second meeting since the strike began March 4.

No new meetings are set.

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