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Cleveland City Council approves new ward boundaries

Cleveland City Council Cleveland City Council

Cleveland City Council approves the new 2014 ward boundaries during a special committee held Tuesday morning.  17 council members voted yes and 2 council members voted no.

The new boundaries take effect on January 6, 2014. The city will see a reduction in the number of wards and seats on Council from 19 to 17 as a part of the voter approved redistricting process.

The redistricting process began in 2012 and consisted of more than 60 meetings and phone conferences; including dialog with Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Neighborhood Development Coalition, Downtown Cleveland Alliance, Greater Cleveland Partnership, University Circle Inc., and University Hospitals.

The process, managed by Triad Research, involved a series of meetings and discussions in 2012 and 2013 from which the new 17 ward boundaries were created. Council must approve the new boundaries by April 1, 2013.

In 1981, voters passed a ballot which dropped the city of Cleveland from 33 wards to 21 wards. Voters again approved a charter change in 2008 which ties the number of wards to the population of Cleveland, with each ward representing roughly 25,000 people. This charter change reduced Council from 21 to 19 wards in 2009.

This year, per charter requirements for decennial redistricting, the city had to once again redraw ward boundaries based on recent census numbers.

With a population of about 396,000 the number of wards drops from 19 to17. The residents of Cleveland will vote for Council representatives of the new 17 wards during the general election on November 5, 2013.

"The redistricting process has been fair and transparent, bringing many parties together at the table to create 17 wards within the city of Cleveland," said Cleveland City Council President Martin J. Sweeney. "Council members, community development organizations, major businesses and organizations, as well as educational institutions, but most importantly our constituents all participated in healthy dialogs to help create the new ward map of the city. The discussions brought about a well thought out redistricting process that will ensure our residents, businesses and institutions are well served by the city."

Cleveland City Council will reach out to residents in the coming months via mailings, social media and website updates to inform them of which ward they will reside in 2014.

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