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Owner of stolen truck in juvenile-led chase 'sick' about it

Victoria Ponc Victoria Ponc
Brock Evans Brock Evans
Brock Evans's truck. Brock Evans's truck.

HILLVIEW, KY (WAVE) – It was just after 3 a.m. Tuesday when Hillview Police noticed suspicious activity from the driver of a black truck at the McDonald's on Blue Lick Road. When the truck left the parking lot, the officer pulled him over next door at the BP gas station. That's when the chase began.

"The cop comes out of the vehicle and then right when he's coming up to the, I think it was a black truck, he just peels out," said Victoria Ponc, who saw the whole thing start.

That officer had just run the black Chevy Avalanche's license plate and saw it was stolen.

Two juveniles, one being the 16-year-old driver, led police on a 15 minute chase down Brooks Hill Road. The passenger jumped out and fled into the woods. Seconds later the truck hit the guardrail, swerved over, and flipped into a ditch. The driver was taken into custody.

Police found the truck was stolen from Brock Evans on March 16 off Westport Road.

"You know we got this call this morning saying they found it so then I'm thinking you know maybe I'll get it back and now it's completely totaled," said Evans. "It's tough to see."

Evans was moving into his new home. Inside the truck was the last load of his belongings. He said the whole thing makes him sick.

"I had so much personal stuff, pictures and picture frames and it looks like some of it is still in there and t-shirts, but you know that fact that it got taken out of my back door basically is disturbing."

The juvenile driver faces 12 charges:  two counts assault, four counts wanton endangerment, receiving stolen property over $10,000, fleeing or evading police, possession of counterfeit substance, reckless driving, disregarding a stop sign and no operator's license.

The juvenile will be in court Wednesday at noon. We'll keep you updated on the case.

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