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KY House passes pension reform bill

The vote board in the House chamber on Senate Bill 2. The vote board in the House chamber on Senate Bill 2.

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - The Kentucky House has passed Senate Bill 2, dealing with pension reform for state employees.

The vote in the House was 70-28. The measure would provide nearly $100 million a year to make the state's required contribution to the pension plans.
The House voted 82-17 for the proposal and the Senate voted 35-3 Tuesday evening, just hours before the end of this year's legislative session.

The bill came onto the House floor just before 7:30 Tuesday night and was introduced by Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo.

After Stumbo spoke about the bill, seven lawmakers took turns speaking about it. That includes Rep. Jim Wayne of Louisville, who fired back and said he felt like he was being sold on a used car.

"I just think it was a bad piece of legislation. It didn't include the representatives from different groups in the process. It was done behind closed doors. It was a mistake," Rep. Wayne told WAVE 3 News after the vote.

Another lawmaker who spoke was Rep. Derrick Graham of Franklin County. He expressed frustration that the more than revised 200 page bill was only a matter of hours old.

"The final version was not delivered to us until about two hours [before the vote] and the fact that no one could read that bill as comprehensive as a law as that would be... it is very frustrating, particularly on the very last day of the session when there are a lot of bills coming through and we are trying to finish up and wrap up for the entire session. That is no way to run government," Rep. Graham said.

Despite some of the concerns, the bill passed with a majority vote. Governor Steve Beshear praised lawmakers for their bipartisan and extensive work on the bill.

"This is a good solution to a thorny problem – a solution that other states around the country will be looking at as they look for options to solve their own crises. This also sends a strong message to companies looking to locate or expand here that we are getting our financial house in order," the Governor said at a late Tuesday night press conference.

The bill now goes to the Governor's desk. He is expected to sign it immediately.

To learn more about Senate Bill 2, click the link.

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