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"I'm Sorry": Councilman Reed publicly apologizes for his 3rd DUI

Councilman Zack Reed Councilman Zack Reed

Councilman Zack Reed held his annual State of Ward 2 address Tuesday evening and for the first time, he offered an apology for his third drunk driving arrest.

Zack Reed represents Ward 2 and he says his third DUI arrest was something he had to address.

"I've apologized to my family. I've apologized to my friends and I've apologized to the members of the city council. But tonight I want to apologize to each and every one of you," said Councilman Zack Reed.

The Cleveland City Councilman did not ignore his very public personal problems when he spoke to his constituents for nearly 90 minutes at New Light Missionary Baptist Church.

Reed said that the images on TV and in the newspaper are not an accurate account of his case.

Several in the crowd seemed to accept his apology.

"I felt he was from the heart and I think he's sincere, so I think he means what he says," said Linda Walker.

"It was from the gut. Everyone has issues. Everyone has problems. We all carry a little baggage and I think it was heartfelt. Lets move on from there," said Michael Mathis.

"Whenever someone in my position gets arrested. That's not a good thing. Let's be honest. I'm apologizing for that incident. It doesn't mean I'm guilty of anything. It means that I'm apologizing for that specific incident," said Councilman Reed.

After the meeting Councilman Reed also said he does not think his arrest makes him ineffective as a councilman. And he repeated his intention to fight the DUI charge.

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