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Swanton residents protest dangerous intersection

SWANTON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Swanton residents are calling on the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to step up and make changes to an intersection they say is dangerous.

Airport Highway and State Route 295 was redesigned last November with a plan ODOT officials called a "road diet."

Residents met with ODOT officials Tuesday to talk about the intersection, which they say ODOT took from bad to worse.

It's been the site of several accidents and near-misses.

"I've seen people cut people off, we've been cut off," said Edith, a concerned resident. "There's going to be a death there yet from a head-on collision!"

In their attempt to make the intersection safer, ODOT reduced Airport Highway to one lane in each direction, and added two turn lanes. Now residents are calling for a traffic light.

"We qualified for a light at this intersection at one time," said Swanton Board of Trustees Chairman Jeff Michael. "Why wasn't that followed through on?"

ODOT officials say the intersection did qualify for a light in 2022, but since then, standards have changed. Now they're asking residents what other changes could help make the intersection safer.

"We're open to consideration to see what we can do to improve, because we're all for safety," said Theresa Pollick, and ODOT spokesperson.

Some residents say putting the road back to how it used to be could make all the difference.

Both township trustees and residents say this is an issue they're not dropping anytime soon.

"We're going to keep pushing with the Ohio Department of Transportation, and keep going up the organization as we need to," Michael said.

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