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End of an era for Eggshell Land

Eggshell Land, Lyndhurst Eggshell Land, Lyndhurst
Eggshell Land, Lyndhurst Eggshell Land, Lyndhurst
Eggshell Land, Lyndhurst Eggshell Land, Lyndhurst

Eggshell Land has been covered in snow, and it was when little Caylee Boncha came to take a look, it didn't seem to matter to the four-year-old, "I like purple, green, yellow and blue," the little girl said.

This has been a tradition at the Lyndhurst home of Ron and Betty Manolio for 55 years.  Every year, it's been a different design, this year over 21,000 eggs, and 24 colors make up Eggshell Land. The theme this year is a labor of love, in honor of Ron Manolio, who passed away last August.  Betty decided that after her husband's death, that this would be the last year.

"It was his idea, he loved it, he walked around and talked to everybody that came, everybody knew him, so I thought it would be a good way to say goodbye," Betty said.

It had been a lot of work, Ron would spend hours painting the eggs and then putting the display together. The Maniolo's kids would always help and they stepped up and made Eggshell Land happen this year.  But it's too much work for their busy lives and so this is it, the last year for Eggshell Land.

"We lived in Mayfield Village for over twenty years, we came here with the kids probably every year during the Easter season, now I live in Perry and I brought my granddaughter here," said Dennis Boncha who was with his granddaughter, Caylee.

Because of the rough spring weather the display this year will stay up until April 5.

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