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18 day care centers lose licenses after state investigation

John Robinson John Robinson

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A yearlong investigation by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services has led to the licenses of 18 day care being revoked after allegations of fraud. 

After the investigation the state stopped child care assistance payments to the following 13 child care providers: 

  • A Alphabet Academy
  • ABC Village (2 facilities)
  • Big Happy Family
  • Caterpillar Clubhouse
  • Community Care
  • El Shaddai
  • Faith Academy
  • Jellybean Clubhouse
  • Lil Kings and Queens (3 facilities)
  • Lil Prophets
  • Payton's Funland
  • Trina's Treehouse
  • Tyler's Playhouse (2 facilities) 

The centers have 20 days to appeal the license revocation, if they fail to do so, they shut down.  Ashley Jennings has a son that goes to A Alphabet Academy, she says, "unfortunately I don't have any other options until that happens. This is an awesome day care, everything is up to par obviously except whatever they're going through."

At one of the day care centers, Trina's Treehouse II on Cane Run Road, we talked to a day care worker who was there when the state dropped off the letter.

Day care employee: "We had called them and they said no, it's not that we are closing up, they just got a complaint and so they have to investigate." 

Reporter: "Complaints of fraud?" 

Day care employee: "That's what they say, but we have got all our paperwork and we have not done anything wrong." 

According to state documents, investigators found that the center failed to keep proper records of the children they watch.

Day care employee: "They sent us a paper of correction of plan and we did that, because like we told the lady, we have nothing to hide." 

Reporter: "What did they ask you do correct?" 

Day care employee: "What are we doing about our sign-in sheets. That's what it is all about." 

The employee said that as of Wednesday night they have made the necessary corrections.  

"The people in there are very nice and I think they treat the kids right and they are teaching them a lot," said John Robinson, whose grandson attends Trina's Treehouse II.

The parents and guardians we talked to at Trina's Treehouse II only had positive things to say about the day care on and off camera.  

"I hate for something like that to happen, because I really liked the daycare," said Robinson. 

The cabinet says it will continue to aggressively crack down on child care providers, hoping to prevent financial fraud and abuse as they aim to raise the quality of child care.

These cases are very similar to the one levied against Lavonia Lewars who owned the now closed Heavenly Angels Day Care. In February, Lewars pled guilty to theft and fraud charges for getting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the state of Kentucky for children who didn't actually attend her day care.  

A Heavenly Angels van crashed last year, killing an adult monitor and sending more than dozen children to the hospital.    

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