Firefighters take matters into their own hands

WHITLEY COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - A Kentucky family said they are not only thankful to have their lives, but to have their home.

A fire broke out in the family's dryer and although a fire truck was on its way three neighbors took matters into their own hands.

Harold Hicks with the Goldbug Fire Department explained, "Its just something we do, its not for the namesake its just to be there to serve."

The 911 call about the fire went over the emergency scanner and three volunteer firefighters from a different district realized they were closer than the fire truck.

The men went into the home to find a gas dryer on fire and put the flames inside of it out with a fire extinguisher. Then one of the men found the gas main to shut it off while the other two broke through the wall to get to the rest of the flames.

The home did suffer damage, but no injuries were reported.

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